What makes us tick?

With our youthful looks, you’d find it hard to believe that each one of us at Hilldale have many years experience of developing and managing properties, as well as providing extra support to those that need it.

Around 2007, we were asked what we could do to help increase the range of housing and support options available to people with disabilities… We knew that people with disabilities often make the best tenants, but were amazed to discover how little choice and control they had when deciding where they want to live or who they want to live with.

By 2009, we had formed Hilldale Housing Association with the sole purpose of increasing the range of high quality supported housing available to people who needed additional support. We have housed many people since, but the numbers are irrelevant… what is important to us are the changes we see in people’s lives that choose us to be their landlord. Some are small changes, some are huge… all are significant to us, that’s what makes us tick!