What We Do

We know that when it comes housing, people with disabilities often don’t have much say over where they live or who they live with… we created Hilldale Housing Association so we could do something about it.

Most of the people that have chosen us to be their landlord have learning disabilities or autism, but we also provide supported accommodation for people with physical disabilities, those recovering from mental health problems and those at risk of homelessness.

We know that when it comes to housing, people who are most vulnerable tend to have the least choice, but that’s where we’re different…


We’re not an ordinary landlord or even an ordinary housing association:

  • The sole purpose of our existence is to provide high quality housing to people who need additional support.
  • We believe that every person has the the right to have the same life experiences and opportunities as everyone else: to actively contribute to society, to make friends and to live their life in a way that is meaningful to them.
  • We only provide homes for people who need help to live more independently, in their own home, in their own community and who would otherwise have difficulty finding a
    home elsewhere.
  • We only provide accommodation that we’d be really happy to
    live in ourselves. We know that if we provide good quality services,
    people will choose us to be their landlord and choose to stay with
    us for the long term.
  • If we think another organisation is better able to meet your
    housing needs, we’ll tell you.