Landlords & Investors

What are we looking for?… We know that the people we house make the best tenants, so we want the best accommodation for them. We only provide accommodation that we’d be really happy to live in ourselves on the basis that if we provide good quality homes and services, people will choose us to be their landlord and choose to stay with us for the long term. We’re looking for high quality modern homes, in good neighbourhoods, where the people that choose us to be their landlord can stay in their home as long as they like.

We only provide homes for people who need help to live more independently and who would otherwise have difficulty finding a home elsewhere. All the people we house will need some additional measures above and beyond what ordinary landlords provide: some people have mobility problems, many will need help with day to day tasks and so require space for this, almost all will need additional safety and security measures – but none of this is complicated… we’d love to be able to discuss our requirements with you.

We are particularly interested in clusters of accommodation, where people can live independently, but can call upon support as they need it, e.g. small blocks of apartments (6 to 20 units).

If you think that you and your accommodation is right up our street, then please contact us. We can lease properties (we offer long leases at market rates) and occasionally purchase property.