Local Authorities & CCG’s

    We work in partnership with Local Authorities, commissioners and providers of support, investors & developers and people with additional support needs and their families to help them get the property they want and the care and service they deserve.

    We work closely with Health and Social Care Commissioners to develop innovative housing solutions. We can’t solve all your housing problems, but we can provide some of the vital missing pieces (and help you save quite a bit of money too)…

    We formed Hilldale Housing Association with the sole purpose of improving the choice and control people with disabilities had over where they lived and who they lived with. We found that because people were living in the right environment and had more control over their lives, they became a more independent and needed less support; we also found that the support they did need could be provided more effectively, especially where we had clusters of accommodation.

    …and then we quickly noticed something strange was happening: because people either needed less support or it could be provided more effectively, we accidentally started saving social care commissioners money. One local authority used its auditors to look more closely into this and found that using only a sample of 8 people, they had saved almost £0.75m in commissioned care and support. They are now busy reconfiguring the whole of their supported accommodation provision.

    Shared living is what some people want, but in the main people with disabilities ‘choose’ this because no alternatives are available. Problems around compatibility means that there are often unoccupied rooms and the way support is provided means that some people get 24hr support even when they don’t need it. For those with more complex needs, expensive out of borough placements is often the only answer because of the lack of alternatives. Hilldale can’t solve all your supported accommodation problems, but this is where we can help provide some of the missing pieces.

    We have seen significant changes in the lives of people we have housed: some people are just more settled because they are in the right environment, others have gone on to achieve things that no-one could have expected. What is common to all the people we have housed is that because they have more choice and control over their lives and are living in better environments, they are leading more fulfilling lives, in their own home, in their own community which usually means they either need less support or this support is now being provided more effectively. This means that commissioners of health and social care are safely able to make cashable savings in their overall budgets.

    Whilst Hilldale HA is a Supported Housing Provider and we go above and beyond what ordinary Housing Associations do, we are not a care provider. We work in close partnership with a few excellent organisations to make sure that the people we house receive the care and support they need in a safe environment. We can bring some of these partners with us, or we’d be happy to consider partnering with some of your existing preferred providers of care and support.

    We’d love the opportunity to discuss your needs and how we may be able provide some of the missing pieces